concerts 2019:

contemporary music Eckernfoerde


concert 27. September 2019  8:00 p.m

St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde

Neopercusion - Reflexion




The concerts on 24.09.2019 in Madrid and on 27.09.2019 in Eckernförde provide an exciting cooperation project between the Madrid-based "Neopercusion" Ensemble and the Ensemble Reflexion K from Eckernförde. The musicians of both ensembles will rehearse together, form a body of sound and rehearse new works.
The audience will be taken on a short trip around the world with world premieres by Nacho Baca-Lobera (Mexiko), Gerald Eckert (D), Ivan Ferrer Orozco (Mexiko/ Spain), Katharina Roth (D / Austria) and Natalia Solomonoff (Argentina).

Ensemble Reflexion K



Katharina Roth
"madschra"  (2019)   (fp)
für bassfl, pf, 2 perc and electronics

Gerald Eckert
"Interception"  (2016)
für violoncello and electronics

Ignacio Baca Lobera
"loop"  (2019)   (fp)
für clar, pf, 2 perc, vc, live-electronics and samples

Natalia Solomonoff
"Drostes"  (2019)   (fp)
für fl, clar, pf, 2 perc, vc and electronics

Ivan Ferrer Orozco
"Fourth Garden: Exodus -for piano-"  (2018)  (DE)
für electronics

Gerald Eckert
"Kisalpah"  (2019)   (fp)
für fl, clar, pf, 2 perc, 2 vc and electronics

Ensemble Neopercusión  
Juan Jose Guillem Piqueras percussion
Alejandro Tur De Carlos percussion
Ivan Ferrer Orozco electronics
Ensemble Reflexion K  
Beatrix Wagner flute
Joachim Striepens clarinet
Martin von der Heydt piano
Burkart Zeller violoncello
Gerald Eckert violoncello/ direction



This concert is generously supported by the Spanish Cultural Foundation Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).



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