Current concerts

20.01.2023, 8:00 p.m

St. Nicolai Church Eckernfoerde

„Gestade in Fernen“

Music for the day of the liberation of Auschwitz on January 27th

Works by Brigitta Muntendorf, Dieter Schnebel, Johannes Kalitzke and Gerald Eckert
with texts by Heinrich Böll, Paul Celan, Raoul Schrott and from the Stabat Mater

as a guest: Irene Kurka, soprano

Ensemble reflection K

Beatrix Wagner, flute
Burkart Zeller, violoncello
Gerald Eckert, violoncello and electronics
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Burkart Zeller - Gerald Eckert

24.02. - 26.02.2023

St. Nicolai-church Eckernfoerde
9. international Provinzlärm Festival 2023
for details see: 9. Provinzlärm Festival
© Michael Jordan / Provinzlärm













































12.06.2022, 9:05 - 11:00 p.m.,


On June 12th, 2022 the Deutschlandfunk broadcasts from 09.05 - 11.00 p.m. at the programme
Konzertdokument der Woche
live recordings of the concerts of the 8. international Provinzlärm festival 2021/ 2022.
Compositions from Arvo Pärt, Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes, Liisa Hirsch, Gerald Eckert, Tristan Murail, a.o.

17.09.2022, 07.00 p.m.,

Artist Residence Eckernfoerde, Ottestr. 1


Concert with the composition scholar of the Artist Residence Stefan Streich



Juan Campoverde Q. "Estelas Australes" (2021)
for flute and violoncello
Stefan Streich "new piece" (2022)  fp of the 2. part
for bassflute/ flute and violoncello
James Dillon "Siorram" (1992)
for viola solo
Emiliano Turazzi "Composizione per flauto e violoncello" Teil F (2017)
for flute and violoncello
Stefan Streich "Ritorno" (2006/ 2007)
for bassflute and viola
Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner, flute
Christiane Veltman, viola

Gerald Eckert, violoncello


03.10.2022, 6.00 p.m.,

St. Nicolai-Kirche Eckernförde

Solo - Duo

In "Solo Duo", the musicians of Ensemble Reflexion K present themselves exclusively with solo and duo works distributed throughout the room in the acoustically outstanding Nicolai Church of Eckernfoerde


René Eespere „Convectoris“
for organ
Gerald Eckert „Schwebe, verlöschend“
for flute and percussion
Tomi Räisänen „crossings“ 
for contrabass and electronics
Elliott Carter „esprit rude / esprit douce"
for flute and clarinet
Violetta Dinescu „7 Roses" (Nr. 5)
version for violoncello solo
Iannis Xenakis „Rebonds b“
for percussion
Georg Katzer „Dialogue imaginaire“
for bassclarinet and tape
Gerald Eckert „Nôéma“
for violoncello solo
Kaija Saariaho „Ciel étoilé“
for contrabass and percussion
Erik-Sven Tüür „Spectrum 1“
for organ
Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner, flute
Joachim Striepens, clarinet

Katja Kanowski, organ

André Wittmann, percussion

Gerald Eckert, violoncello, electronics

Heiko Maschmann, contrabass



© Holger Ceglars/ Ensemble Reflexion K

10.11.2022, 8.00 p.m.,

St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde

esquisses itinéraires

Ramón Souto „Exéresis“ (2011)
for ensemble (fl, ob, pf, vln, vla, vc)
Hans-Joachim Hespos „esquisses itinéraires“ (1984)
for ensemble (fl, clar, hrn, pf, vln, vc )
Hans-Joachim Hespos „Duma“ (1980)
for altoflute solo
Gerald Eckert „ruins of time“ (2012/ 13)
for ensemble (fl, clar, hrn, pf, vln, vla, vc)
Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner, flute
Enrico Raphaelis, oboe
Joachim Striepens, clarinet
Delphine Gauthier-Guiche, horn
Martin von der Heydt, piano
Rui C. Antunes, violin
Christiane Veltman, viola
Burkart Zeller, violoncello

Gerald Eckert, direction





© Tobias Daniel Reiser

19.11.2022, 8.00 p.m.,

St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde

night of the music


Gerald Eckert „Nen VII“ (2007)
for flute, violoncello and tape
Gerald Eckert „Schemen - Feld 30“ (2017)
for contrabassclarinet, electronics and tape
Gerald Eckert „Aux mains de l'espace“ (1993)
for 4-channel-tape
Gerald Eckert „außen, von tief innen“ (2015)
for bassflute, contrabassclarinet and violoncello
Gerald Eckert „about water III“ (2018)
for 2-(4)-channel-tape
Gerald Eckert „Nachtbogen“ (2001)
for flute and violoncello
Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner, flute
Joachim Striepens, contrabassclarinet
Gerald Eckert, violoncello/ electronics




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