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20.11.2021, 08.00 p.m., Eckernfoerde, Nicolai church

Begegnung - Encuentro

The Ensemble Reflexion K plays works by Natalia Solomonoff (ARG), Ivan Ferrer-Orozco (MEX / E) and Gerald Eckert (D). All three composers were scholarship holders at the Schleswig-Holstein Künstlerhaus Eckernförde and have been working closely with the Ensemble Reflexion K ever since. All the pieces of this evening has been written for the musicians of the ensemble.

Ensemble Reflexion K:
Beatrix Wagner (fl), Joachim Striepens (clar), André Wittmann (perc), Arian Robinson (perc), Burkart Zeller (vc), Gerald Eckert (vc)
as guest: Ivan Ferrer-Orozco (electronics)

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13.11.2021, 08.00 p.m., Eckernfoerde, Nicolai church 

8. int. Provinzlärm Festival


1. concert (pre-concert)
works from Josquin Deprez, Idin Samimi-Mofakham, Manuel Sánchez García,

Gerald Eckert and Arvo Pärt


Auditivvokal Ensemble Dresden

and Duo Reflexion K

Auditivvokal Ensemble Dresden

02.10.2021, 08.00 p.m., Eckernfoerde, Artist Residence Schleswig-Holstein Ottestr. 1

K-Sommer in the Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde district
„Wortklangraum 3“


New music and conversation


The composers Stefan Streich (Berlin) and Gerald Eckert (Eckernförde) are both masters in dealing with timbres. In this discussion concert, the musicians of Ensemble Reflexion K present the "5 stanzas bass flute" by Stefan Streich and "outside, from deep inside" by Gerald Eckert and talk to the two composers about their works.


Ensemble reflection K:

Beatrix Wagner (bass flute), Joachim Striepens (double bass clarinet) and Gerald Eckert (violoncello)



The 3g-rule applies. We ask you to wear mouth and nose protection. This can be removed from the seat.


26.09.2021, 04.00 p.m., Eckernfoerde, Artist Residence Schleswig-Holstein Ottestr. 1

„Wortklangraum 2“


Conversation and music

With the pastor Dirk Homrighausen (Eckernfoerde),

Beatrix Wagner (flute) and Gerald Eckert (violoncello)


concert 24. September 2021, 8 p.m
St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde


... In Mikrophonie I, musicians put a large tam-tam in vibration by means of various materials. Two musicians move the microphones by hand over the surface of the tam-tam and a third group of musicians transforms the recorded vibrations with electric filters and regulators. Together with the original sound of the tam-tams, they are simultaneously played back via loudspeakers. The division of the musical processes into three independent sectors (sound making, sound recording, sound transformation) makes it possible to continuously link all the instrumental experiences with the electronic sound technique. That way any source of sounds (traditional instruments, sound events of any nature) can be integrated in a sound composition which seeks coherence. Thus making the dualism between instrumental technique and electronic music disappear.

Furthermore, the title Mikrophonie points out that normally inaudible sounds (of a tam-tam) can be made audible by an active process of “auscultating” (comparable to the auscultating of a body by the doctor). The microphone contrary to its usually passive function as a playback unit becomes an active musical instrument. In Mikrophonie I the sound processing and the tape montage, which up to now took place exclusively during long working hours in the studio for electronic music, is carried out simultaneously with the making of the sounds and the result can be heard at once. It goes without saying that the then automatic, and in a short period of time controllable electronic process of sound transformation, has to be further developed...

(from: Universal Edition;


Karlheinz Stockhausen "Mikrophonie I" (1964) for Tam-Tam, 2 microphones, 2 filter and regulators

Gerald Eckert - “Aube” (2006) for organ

Gerald Eckert - “Gestade in Fernen” (2016) for 2 violoncellos

Gerald Eckert - “Schemen - Feld 30” (2017) for contrabassclarinet and electronics/ tape



Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner (microphone)

Katja Kanowski (organ)
Joachim Striepens (contrabassclarinet)

André Wittmann (percussion)
Arian Robinson (percussion)
Burkart Zeller (violoncello, microphone)

Andre Bartetzki (electronics)
Gerald Eckert (violoncello, electronics)





admission: Euro 12 / reduced Euro 6
box office only


The concert takes place in compliance with the current Corona regulation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein,


Karlheinz Stockhausen im WDR Studio 1994; © Kathinka Pasveer

17.09.2021, 08.00 p.m., Eckernfoerde, Artist Residence Schleswig-Holstein Ottestr. 1
„Wortklangraum 1“


Conversation and music
With the ceramic artist Susanne Kallenbach (Ranzel),
Beatrix Wagner (flute) and Gerald Eckert (violoncello)


The concert takes place in compliance with the current Corona regulation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Currently, the 3G rule, contact data collection and mask requirement up to the place.


09.09.2021, 07.30 p.m., Rendsburg, Nordkolleg 



Vertical Time – Statements in contemporary music from 1971 to 2021



"Like a smoke, ground, the soul breathed into the earth".

Like the composition “Charisma” (1971) by Iannis Xenakis, which is based on a verse from Homer's Illias, all of the works selected by Ensemble Reflexion K for its “Vertical Time” program were created from a wide variety of poetological approaches and, with their poetics and musical structure, are able to “create a meaning in the world”.

Hear statements from new music from the past 50 years by Iannis Xenakis, Elliott Carter, Gerald Eckert, Juan Campoverde Q. and Dieter Mack, who has been professor of composition at the Lübeck University of Music since 2003 and who retired in March of this year.





Dieter Mack (*1954, D) „Sprachtanz“ (2010) for clarinet solo 

Juan Campoverde Q. (*1964, EC/USA) „Estelas Australes“ (2021) for flute and violoncello   UA

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001, GR/F) „Charisma“ (1971) for clarinet and violoncello

Gerald Eckert (*1960, D) „außen, von tief innen“ (2015) for bassfl, cb-clarinet and violoncello

Elliott Carter (1908-2012, USA) „esprit rude / esprit douce (1985) for flute and clarinet


Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner (flute)

Joachim Striepen (clarinet)

Gerald Eckert (violoncello)


Living Room Music

concert 06. August 2021, 8 p.m
St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde


Cultural summer Eckernfoerde

Living Room Music


The Ensemble Reflexion K will present new music with everyday objects and (not only) entertainment value in its concert on August 6th. as part of the cultural summer Eckernförde.
The program includes mainly scenic works from John Cage's classic "Living Room Music" from 1940 to "Fountain", the living sound sculpture by Steffi Weismann.


John Cage "Living Room Music" for four performers (1940)

John Cage - “Suite for Toy Piano” (1948)

John White - “Drinking and Hooting Machine“ for several performers (1968)

Johannes Kreidler - “Das  an sich. Ein konzertanter Fahrradklingel-Test“ (2017)

Malin Bang - “Hyperoxic“ for bassflute and objects (2011)

Johannes Kreidler - “ Einleitung in die Musiksoziologie“ (2013)
Georgy Dhorokov - “Manifest“ for three performers (2009)

Steffi Weismann - “Fountain“ for several performers (2008)



Ensemble Reflexion K    
Beatrix Wagner (bassflute, performer)
Joachim Striepens (styropor, performer)
Martin von der Heydt (toy piano, performer)
André Wittmann (objects, performer)
Burkart Zeller (styropor, performer)
Gerald Eckert (styropor, performer, electronics)




admission: Euro 12 / reduced Euro 6
box office only


The concert will take place in compliance with the Corona regulation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, valid from 26. July 2021. The spacing and hygiene rules formulated therein apply. Admission is from 7.30 p.m. with a completed contact sheet. Entry is provided with medical mouth and nose protection, which can be removed from the seat.

There is currently no compulsory test for attending the concert.


Aux mains de l'espace

concert 03. June 2021, 8 p.m
St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde


Aux mains de l’espacein the hand of the space
Portrait concert Gerald Eckert



“Aux mains de l’espace” is not just the title of an electronic piece by Gerald Eckert. You often feel in the "hand of the room" when listening to his music, which takes you again and again into new, innovative and inspiring soundscapes.
Research into the extreme areas of sound and silence constantly brings the unexpected to light. Hardly audible is enlarged, alienated, like with a "zoom". The audience can often not really be sure which instrument is being heard, when a transition has taken place or whether an electronic sound is being heard.
Gerald Eckert uses his knowledge with mastery and virtuosity in his compositions and always works with his interpreters to push the technical boundaries outwards. In the musicians of Ensemble Reflexion K, he has found equal partners who understand his sound ideas both intuitively and intellectually and are also able to implement them or develop them further together with him.
Gerald Eckert and the Ensemble Reflexion K have been working together artistically and personally for 20 years, exploring the new and unknown in sound and since then have been shaping the musical present, not just in the north. So it's time for a portrait.

The concert takes place in compliance with the currently valid distance and hygiene rules. Admission from 7.30 p.m. with a completed contact sheet and a negative corona test.



Akemi Kobayashi - "Netori" (1996)
for clarinet solo

Gerald Eckert - "Schemen - Feld 30" (2017)
for contrabassclarinet and electronics

Gerald Eckert - "Aux mains de l‘espace" (1993)
for 4-channel-tape


------- -------


Luigi Nono - "A Pierre. Dell‘azzurro silenzio, inquietum" (1985)
for contrabassflute, contrabassclarinet and live-electronics


Gerald Eckert - "about water III" (2018)
for 4-(2)-channel-tape


Gerald Eckert - "Klangräume II" (1991/ 2000)
for piccolo and electronics / tape


Gerald Eckert außen, von tief innen (2015)
for bassflute, contrabassclarinet and violoncello


Ensemble Reflexion K    

Beatrix Wagner, flute(s)
Joachim Striepens, clarinette(s)
Gerald Eckert, violoncello and electronics



admission: Euro 12 / reduced Euro 6
box office only


© Beatrix Wagner

8. international festival of contemporary music Eckernfoerde

Due to the current situation the ProvinzLärm festival 2021 will be postponed to a later date in 2021
ProvinzLärm  festival  30.01. and 19.02-21.02.2021
St. Nicolai-Kirche Eckernfoerde

programme ProvinzLärm 2021

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